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Selection of works, collaborations and academic research of Andrea Buttarini. Italy, Libya, Spain and Canada.

Key Words
Complexity Science, Biomimicry, Interactive Experiences, Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Parametric Design, Form-Finding, Generative Design, Sustainability, Playful, Beauty, Simplicity, Design is One.





PARA-Site Book

Barcelona 2011, ELISAVA
Publisher: Jordi Truco
Coordination: Andrea Buttarini, Andrés Dejanón
Design and Layout: Andrea Buttarini, Rosa Rodríguez, ELISAVA Design Workshop
Edition: Primera edición
Language: English
Paperback: 122 pages
Copyright: Escola ELISAVA and the authors (Standard Copyright Licence)


The book “PARA-Site: Time Based Formations Through Material Intelligence” is the document that was generated after a year of research and fabrication of a true scale interactive prototype at the Master in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture, ELISAVA. The director of the Master’s course, Jordi Truco, led the event and was part of the panel discussion for the book launch at ELISAVA on 8 June 2011. The event also included lectures by Michael Weinstock, Neil Leach, Marta Malé, and ADDA students.