Kaos Collective

Selection of works, collaborations and academic research of Andrea Buttarini. Italy, Libya, Spain and Canada.

Key Words
Complexity Science, Biomimicry, Interactive Experiences, Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Parametric Design, Form-Finding, Generative Design, Sustainability, Playful, Beauty, Simplicity, Design is One.






Libya 2009, Sanctuary of Apollo – Cyrene
Client: Marco Polo Storica Ltd – Dunfermline
Design Team: Andrea Buttarini, Prof. Dr. Serenella Ensoli (University of Naples), Arch. Dr. Abdalla El Mortady
Collaborators: Giorgia Di Antonio and Eugenio Di Valerio, Archaeologists


The Strategheion, or Donarium of the Strategists, lies at the entrance to the Lower Terrace of the Sanctuary of Apollo at Cyrene in Libya. The monument was built in the last quarter of the 14th century B.C., with money provided by the city’s Strategists, to celebrate the victory gained in the battle of 308 B.C. over some Libyan tribes. It is currently the only monument in the sanctuary to have been completely restored; this was done in the 1930s by an Italian group of archaeologists and architects. Inside, there are the pediment statues of the Temple of Apollo. The restoration project has a double purpose: to make the monument safe through the building of a new roof and a new type of natural lighting, retaining most of the original structure of the first restoration, and to give new dignity to the statues through their museum presentation. The ten pediment statues are located to the left and right of the entrance in their original sequence so that the pediment of the Temple of Apollo can be seen in its original state. The plinths they stand on are localized protrusions of the floor so that they visually neutralize most of the installation and facilitate the viewer’s appreciation of it.