Kaos Collective

Selection of works, collaborations and academic research of Andrea Buttarini. Italy, Libya, Spain and Canada.

Key Words
Complexity Science, Biomimicry, Interactive Experiences, Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Parametric Design, Form-Finding, Generative Design, Sustainability, Playful, Beauty, Simplicity, Design is One.





BioDeLab & CoDeLab Books

Barcelona 2011, ELISAVA
Master in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture
Director: Jordi Truco
Thesis Project: Andrea Buttarini
Graphic Design and Texts: Andrea Buttarini
BioDeLab Documentation: Andrea Buttarini, Fernando Gorka de Lecea
CoDeLab Documentation: Andrea Buttarini, Marília Coutinho, Carolina Figueiredo
Library: Enric Bricall Library – ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona
Language: Spanish
Paperback: 180 pages BioDeLab – 210 pages CoDeLab
Press: AGE srl / Urbino – Italy